Congressman Markwayne Mullin

Representing the 2nd District of Oklahoma
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Congressman Markwayne Mullin Responds to President's Statement on National Security Agency Surveillance

Jun 10, 2013
Press Release

June 8, 2013

WASHINGTON—"Yesterday, the President clearly stated that every member of Congress had been briefed on the issue of the National Security Agency (NSA) cell phone and Internet surveillance. To be clear, I was never briefed on any NSA plans or efforts to secretly invade the privacy of American citizens. For the President to make such a comment and in turn imply the integrity of this governing body should be questioned is insulting.

“In 2009, the President called for transparency in government.  He has yet to deliver.  Instead, the President has lost credibility due to the recent IRS targeting of conservative groups and the Department of Justice’s seizing of phone records of Associated Press (AP) reporters—all occurring under his watch. 

“The forthcoming explanations on this issue will be welcomed, but the accusations that I, along with all my colleagues in Congress, knew about this surveillance, is absolutely false. The lies have to stop. This administration must be held accountable for its actions and not be permitted to continually pass the blame.  The American people deserve the truth.  The call for accountability in this administration continues."


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