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Blank Check for Socialism

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By now, you have probably heard about President Biden’s $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” bill and all the empty promises in it. The truth is that it will do nothing to build our country up. Instead, this is a blank check to take our country into socialism. This bill will change every American’s way of life. It’s filled with radical policy changes that will raise costs on all goods, put the federa...

Every Life Lost Is One Too Many

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Every suicide is a tragedy. Every life lost to suicide is one too many and the prevalence among our nation’s veterans is alarming. In 2019, 6,261 veterans lost their lives to suicide, including 111 Oklahomans. Many of our men and women in uniform who come back from warzones overseas face mental health struggles once they return. Now, the events in Afghanistan have caused many veterans from all era...

20 Years Since 9/11

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This year marks 20 years since the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. It also marks 20 years of American resiliency and bravery. 20 years since first responders and bystanders ran towards the scene to save others instead of running away to save themselves. 20 years since countless Americans joined our armed forces, many sacrificing their lives in the fight against terrorism. 20 years of our c...

Investing in Everything but Infrastructure

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There’s no denying the infrastructure needs of our district. Whether it’s driving to work, getting kids to school, or stopping by the grocery store on the way home— Oklahomans are reminded daily that our crumbling roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair. There’s also no denying this $1 trillion “infrastructure” package is not going to fix any of it. $1 trillion sounds like a number that ...

Another Democrat Power Grab

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Democrats in Washington will do just about anything to keep themselves in power, including federalizing our election system. H.R. 4, which the House passed this week, is an unprecedented power grab. It gives Biden’s Department of Justice and federal courts the authority to insert themselves in state and local election laws. They will stop at nothing to take power away from the states and place it ...

The Blood is on President Biden’s Hands

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On August 15th, the capital of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban following the near-total withdrawal of American troops. The fall of Kabul represents a complete and utter failure by President Biden and his administration. The Afghani president has fled, and the Taliban has assumed control of the country. These militants promised “amnesty” for the people who helped our military, but to them “amnesty”...

America First, Not America Last

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Americans are paying more for just about everything thanks to President Biden’s out-of-control spending and disastrous policies. Look no further than what it costs to fill up your gas tank. The national average for a gallon of gasoline is $3.18. That’s over a dollar higher than this time last year. While a dollar may not sound like a lot, it adds up fast. On average, if you fill up your car’s 15-...

Thank a Teacher as Kids Go Back to School

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August is here, which means summer is coming to an end. In our family, like many other families, there is a mix of sadness that summer vacation is almost over and anticipation for the new school year to begin. As our kids start school again, I want to recognize Oklahoma’s teachers and what they do for all of us. Primary education provides the foundation a child needs to be successful for the rest ...

Democrats’ Spending Spree

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You can’t spend more than you have without acquiring debt. And eventually, you will have to pay that debt. I believe most people understand this basic principle of fiscal responsibility. Every day, families make choices on how they plan to spend their hard-earned paychecks without taking on crippling debt. It’s unfortunate that Democrats in Congress don’t seem to understand this. Despite an econom...

Battling Substance Abuse During Lockdowns

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It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had a devastating effect on those battling drug addiction. According to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020. This is 30 percent higher than 2019 and the highest number in a single year on record. Now, more than ever, we must make sure people have access to the tr...

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