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America First, Not America Last

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Americans are paying more for just about everything thanks to President Biden’s out-of-control spending and disastrous policies. Look no further than what it costs to fill up your gas tank. The national average for a gallon of gasoline is $3.18. That’s over a dollar higher than this time last year. While a dollar may not sound like a lot, it adds up fast. On average, if you fill up your car’s 15-...

Thank a Teacher as Kids Go Back to School

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August is here, which means summer is coming to an end. In our family, like many other families, there is a mix of sadness that summer vacation is almost over and anticipation for the new school year to begin. As our kids start school again, I want to recognize Oklahoma’s teachers and what they do for all of us. Primary education provides the foundation a child needs to be successful for the rest ...

Democrats’ Spending Spree

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You can’t spend more than you have without acquiring debt. And eventually, you will have to pay that debt. I believe most people understand this basic principle of fiscal responsibility. Every day, families make choices on how they plan to spend their hard-earned paychecks without taking on crippling debt. It’s unfortunate that Democrats in Congress don’t seem to understand this. Despite an econom...

Battling Substance Abuse During Lockdowns

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It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had a devastating effect on those battling drug addiction. According to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020. This is 30 percent higher than 2019 and the highest number in a single year on record. Now, more than ever, we must make sure people have access to the tr...

Setting Foster Youth Up for Success

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There are more than 400,000 young people in foster care across the country. In Oklahoma alone, there are 7,519 children in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, with a need for 898 foster families. As an adoptive parent of three, I am committed to ensuring every child has a safe, supportive, and forever family. In my role as Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth,...

Big Tech Must Be Held Accountable

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Time and time again, Big Tech giants, like Facebook and Twitter, have demonstrated their willingness to ban and censor users they determine do not align with their progressive ideals. They are on a mission to police free speech out of existence, and Congress must act to hold Big Tech accountable for their censorship and anti-conservative bias. So far, the Big Tech monopoly of power has gone fairly...

Defunding the Police Created a Crime Crisis

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It is no secret the Biden Administration and radical Democrats have sought to defund or abolish the police. Our country is now seeing the consequences of their actions. In Democratic-run cities across the country, defunding the police has resulted in increasing crime rates and less safe communities. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department announced in November that they would cut their budg...

Overregulation Picks Winners and Losers

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The Obama Administration left behind a crippling web of job-killing regulations that expanded the size and scope of the federal government in every capacity. I ran for Congress because I watched these regulations crush and eventually end my business, and I wanted to fight for Oklahomans who were experiencing the same problem. Our government is plagued with overregulation. Luckily, President Trump ...

Bring Back Reaganomics

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We’ve heard President Biden recite the same line over and over again, that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 per year. This is a flat out lie. President Biden’s disastrous budget proposal includes the highest sustained tax hike since 1968 and nearly 60 percent of taxpayers will see their taxes go up under this plan. Under President Donald Trump, we had the strongest econo...

We Owe It to the American People to Find Answers on COVID-19 Origins

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It has been 18 months since the COVID-19 virus emerged from Wuhan, China, and the mainstream media is only just now beginning to acknowledge the fact that President Trump was right to place blame on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For over a year, Washington Democrats and the mainstream media have been downplaying the lab leak theory and tossing blame left and right without regard for the truth...

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