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Mullin Introduces All-Of-The-Above Energy Reform Bill

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Washington, September 12, 2019 | comments

Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R-Ok.), Co-Chair of the House Energy Action Team (HEAT), joined House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Rob Bishop (R-Ut.), HEAT Co-Chair Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) and Western Caucus Chairman Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) yesterday to introduce The American Energy First Act, an all-of-the-above American energy reform bill. This legislation will expand domestic energy production on federal lands, streamline the federal permitting process, create well-paying jobs for American citizens, and lead to lower energy prices for consumers, all while generating billions of dollars for federal, state and local governments.

“Americans want dependable, efficient energy at a price they can afford. An all-of-the-above energy strategy accomplishes that goal while also providing good-paying jobs and growing our economy. We have an abundance of energy resources right here at home and we are able to harness them in a safe, environmentally-conscious way. I am proud to join my colleagues in introducing this bill that will move us towards an energy strategy that works for all Americans and makes us energy independent,” said Mullin.

"Our federal lands and waters have abundant natural resources that we are capable of harnessing in a safe and environmentally-conscious way. Through streamlining regulations and opening more areas to energy exploration, we can create thousands of new high-paying jobs, generate billions of dollars for local communities, and lower energy costs for American families and small businesses. By encouraging not just conventional energy development, but renewable and alternative sources like geothermal, wind, and solar, the American Energy First Act is an all-of-the-above solution that truly puts all American energy first. I am proud to join my colleagues in introducing this important bill, and encourage all members to help us advance this sensible energy policy," said Scalise.

“Costly government barriers and excessive permitting delays have impeded the efficient production of energy for too long. While Democrats are being driven by their radical base to outlaw forms of affordable energy that families rely on, I was pleased to work with Reps. Scalise and Bishop on this bill which will end unnecessary overreach from Washington bureaucrats, and enable states to manage energy production on lands within their borders.

“Going forward, I’ll continue to fight for the best interest of energy producers and consumers so costs are kept low and access to resources remains abundant. I’ll also fight against the absurd Green New Deal, and the efforts by Democrats to upend our economic system and abolish the energy industry our families and nation rely on,” said Cheney.

"As we endeavor to secure American energy independence, we must responsibly avail ourselves of the resources required. The American Energy First Act creates a comprehensive structure with which we can lessen our energy dependence on our would-be adversaries. The sustained expansion of American energy resources will stimulate job growth, boost our economy, and most importantly, mitigate the vulnerabilities that come from our reliance on foreign energy sources.

“Democrats are spinning their wheels promoting a trio of empty measures that serve only to pander. Their abhorrence of self-sufficiency is evidence of their belief that political points are more valuable than American prosperity. It is heartening to know that their obstructionist efforts will likely find no support beyond the toothless messaging votes cast by House Democrats,” said Bishop.

“An all-of-the-above energy matrix is exactly what our nation needs in order to deliver affordable, efficient, and clean energy. That’s why the introduction of this bill is so important, especially during a week where the Democrat-led House is considering legislation that would limit U.S. energy production and undermine our security and economy. I’m proud to support an energy package which enhances and incentivizes domestic energy production to continue the American energy renaissance,” said Duncan.

“The only responsible energy policy is one that is truly all-of-the-above. America is rich with energy resources, and developing them will create jobs, strengthen our economy, and protect our national security. I look forward to supporting this common-sense piece of legislation that puts America first,” said Gosar.
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