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Mullin Urges President Biden to Consider National Security Implications of Vaccine Mandate on Intelligence Community

Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, sent a letter today urging President Biden to immediately repeal his vaccine mandate in the interest of America’s national security. Mullin expressed concern about the threat these mandates pose to the strength of the intelligence community and their ability to defend our country against foreign adversaries. It is estimated 20 percent of the intelligence community workforce remain unvaccinated and are subject to termination.

The full letter can be found here and below:

President Biden,

I am writing to express my concerns with your recent Executive Orders numbers 14042 and 14043, and the impact they will have on our national security and competitiveness against our foreign adversaries.

Our intelligence community has protected our country from all enemies foreign and domestic since the founding of our nation. Currently, over twenty percent of our intelligence workforce remain unvaccinated and are subject to termination under your Executive Orders, leaving a gaping hole in our intelligence community. Not only are these mandates punishing hard working professionals for their firmly held beliefs, but they are also putting the safety and security of our entire country at risk. All of this at a time where the stakes have never been higher in the national security arena.

Since you have taken office, America has been tested time and again. Our enemies have been emboldened and are taking unprecedented actions. On October 19, North Korea brazenly launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, demonstrating both their new missile system capabilities and their commitment to opposing the United States. Russia continues to encourage bad actors in the cybersecurity sphere, with recent attacks on the Colonial Pipeline, the State Department, and other U.S. government agencies. China has reportedly launched a new form of missile, suspected to be a hypersonic missile, shifting the balance of military power in the region. Iran has demonstrated since June that it has no intention of ever coming back to the negotiating table on the Iran nuclear deal and continues to build up its nuclear capabilities piece by piece.

Most egregious of all, our disastrous exit from Afghanistan has left an intelligence black hole in a region that is a known haven for terrorists. On October 15, just weeks ago, ISIS-K claimed responsibility for a bombing at a Shiite mosque in Northern Afghanistan. The Taliban continues to break their promises, letting their backyard become overrun with terrorists. It has become clear that they are either unwilling or unable to stop them.

The situation in Afghanistan has become so volatile that even our enemies have become concerned. China, Pakistan, Russia, and other countries in the region will be meeting in Iran next week to discuss Afghan instability and without the full strength of our intelligence workforce, we will be blind to up and coming threats.

As you have previously said, “career civil servants are the backbone of the Federal workforce.” Through these Executive Orders, you are weaponizing a personal choice and trampling on the freedoms of these professionals, many of whom have worked their entire careers to protect us from threats both foreign and domestic. The diminished workforce in the intelligence community caused by these decisions will put American lives at risk daily. I implore you to consider the very real national security implications and repeal these executive orders immediately.

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