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ICYMI: Mullin in Washington Examiner: I've been to the border — Biden's repeal of Title 42 is unforgivable

On Monday, the Washington Examiner published an op-ed from Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) on the consequences of repealing Title 42.

The full piece can be found here and below.

In just over one year, Joe Biden’s presidency has become synonymous with one word: crisis. Nowhere is this more apparent than at our porous southern border.

Yet despite the nearly 2 million illegal migrant apprehensions and 11,201 pounds of drugs intercepted in fiscal 2021, the Biden border crisis is about to get much worse.

The Biden administration has voluntarily decided to repeal Title 42, former President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 pandemic policy that allowed authorities to turn away illegal immigrants at the border. To be clear, repealing Title 42 during an unprecedented border crisis is unforgivable.

Just a few weeks ago, I traveled to the southern border to witness the Biden border crisis firsthand. As I surveyed the border on horseback alongside Border Patrol, I was dismayed but not surprised to see the extent of damage that Biden’s open border policies are having on our nation.

Border Patrol officers are resolute and determined but completely exhausted. Border wall construction remains unfinished with huge vulnerable gaps in coverage. Expensive border construction material is rusting in the desert. Drug smugglers and human traffickers are taking advantage of our vulnerable border every minute of the day without consequence. It was abundantly clear from my visit that Biden has no regard for our national security, and the public is paying the price.

As our nation is bracing for another massive flood of migrants this spring, it is inconceivable that liberals in Washington would even consider repealing one of the only existing defenses against another surge.

Abandoning Title 42 sends a message to anyone attempting to enter our country illegally that now is the time to do so. There is no doubt that eliminating Title 42 without reinstating any of Trump’s border security measures will lead to a reckless invasion, the likes of which we have never seen.

Already, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is expecting 8,000 illegal migrant apprehensions a day for the next 30-45 days, resulting in a total of about 240,000-360,000 illegal immigrant crossings in just about a month’s time.

Even the media are finding this crisis impossible to ignore. CNN reported over the weekend that Biden’s border crisis is, “record breaking” and “staggering.” Of course, closed-minded liberal politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren still called for an end to Title 42 to appease the liberal’s far-left base.

Now that Biden has chosen to end Title 42 without a plan in place, he will be forced to own what happens next. During my visit, Border Patrol officials made it clear that they are outmanned and outgunned when confronting the Biden border crisis. Without Title 42 in place, the already dire border crisis will quickly devolve into a nightmare beginning on May 23.

We didn’t get here by accident. On his first day in office, Biden began systematically unraveling all of Trump’s commonsense border protections that were keeping our country safe. He immediately ended construction of the southern border wall, suspended the Remain in Mexico policy for asylum-seekers, and paved a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, further incentivizing foreign nationals to violate our laws. Biden’s inauguration sent a signal to the world that our border was open and our laws would not be enforced. Ending Title 42 is just the latest disaster to come from Biden’s abandonment of national security.

Fourteen months into his term, Biden’s America last agenda continues to put our nation in jeopardy. In my home state of Oklahoma, we have seen a massive spike in methamphetamine and fentanyl flooding our streets, and overdose deaths are on a steep rise. Biden’s negligence and failure to secure our border have turned every community into a border community. It’s disgraceful that Biden has found 114 days to visit Delaware over the course of his presidency, but he’s still too much of a coward to go to the border and witness the disaster he created.

If Biden has any hope of redemption at our border, he must immediately institute a complete and total policy reset and reinstate Trump’s effective border security playbook, starting with Title 42.

The primary role of government is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Biden’s handlers must remind him that a country without a border is no country at all.

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