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Mullin' It Over Column

Trump’s Tactics

By Congressman Markwayne Mullin

Since the day President Trump took the oath of office, he has been hard at work making America great again.  Others may not agree with how many times he tweets each day or his unique deal making tactics, but the fact of the matter is that President Trump is enacting policies that put our country back on track.

As a businessman from New York City, President Trump may speak or act differently than most Oklahomans.  I believe that we make decisions based on two things: our life experiences and the way we were raised.  Our president was raised in a drastically different environment and with a totally different set of life experiences from the vast majority of Oklahomans.  This is what makes America—and its democracy—great.  Americans with differing opinions and beliefs send their elected officials to Washington, D.C. where they govern as a whole.  President Trump’s entry to Washington has brought the country an economic boom, productive talks with international leaders, and a renewed optimism for our trade deals. 

Our economy has received the jumpstart it desperately needed with the delivery of tax cuts for hardworking Americans and the removal of harmful, job-killing regulations.  Nine out of 10 Americans are seeing bigger paychecks because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The unemployment rate is at a historic low of 4.1 percent.  Small business optimism has soared to all-time highs for 16 months.

President Trump’s foreign policies command respect from nations around the world.  Many Americans thought our president was crazy for engaging with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, but our president’s actions have helped South Korea reopen communication lines with their northern neighbor.  Kim Jong Un has even agreed to meet with President Trump, something no other president has ever accomplished.

By electing a ‘dealmaker,’ our country has started renegotiating unfair trade practices that threaten our national security.  In March, President Trump imposed a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.  Since then, China, Mexico, and Canada have returned to the negotiating table in order to organize a solution that better reflects the quality and importance of American goods and services to the rest of the world.

Although many choose to see things differently, I see methodical, calculated decision-making coming from President Trump and the White House.  President Trump is finding solutions to long-term problems that have long plagued our foreign relations, stifled our trade impact, and sent good paying jobs overseas.  Despite a difference in our life experiences, President Trump’s policies are protecting Oklahomans and their core values.  He may take a different approach than other presidents, but you cannot argue that he is delivering results for the American people.

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