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    In the wake of tragedy, people often turn to their government. Here are some of my thoughts on what we do next.
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    I wanted to share my thoughts from earlier this week—Positive attitudes are contagious, and so is the patriotism and pride of our great nation. When we have a positive attitude, especially when we’re ...
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    This morning, I joined Victor Blackwell on CNN's New Day to talk about the #SchumerShutdown and ongoing discussions about finding a way to funding.
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    Things a government shutdown does: Hurts our military, harms national security, strips low-income children of health care, and puts this country in jeopardy. And yet, Senate Democrats still voted for ...
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    Release the memo. Let the American people see for themselves.
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    Every human deserves the right to life. That’s #WhyWeMarch.
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    The Constitution says that the power of the purse lies solely with Congress. When Congress gave away this constitutional right, we handed our pocketbooks over to unelected, unreliable Washington, D.C....
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    House Republicans kept their promises in 2017. ✔ Rolled back harmful Obama-era regulations ✔ Delivered a fairer, simpler tax code ✔ Repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate ✔ Provided service members t...
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    As the well-known coaching saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in team. When partisan bickering takes over, it’s important to remember that as Americans, we’re all on the same team.
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    The Republican Congress and White House are working hard to deliver on our promises to the American people, but that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing in Washington. I’ll continue to fight to br...
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    I spoke on the House floor in favor of the Senate companion to my bill, H.R. 42. We can all agree that we want our veterans to receive the best medical care we can give them. Introduced by Senator Inh...
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    As Americans, we are blessed beyond belief. We are blessed to live in a nation where we can practice a religion of our choosing, voice our opinions freely, and make a difference through our words and ...
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    Today, I voted alongside 226 of my colleagues in the House to deliver more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks to the American people. We’re one step closer to getting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act t...
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    Happy Veterans Day to all of our veterans. We are so thankful for your dedication to our great nation. May God Bless you and your families today and every day of the year.
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    In the face of tragedy, we pray. As Americans, we pray. Together, our nation will continue to pray.

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